Areaplot is a small, service oriented analytics firm specializing in geospatial and real estate assessment data.

Products and Services

Real estate records are public data, however many jurisdictions make it difficult to easily find property information. We compile data for several different regions and make it available in an easy-to-understand form. has comprehensive coverage of New Jersey's property records, including recent sales, ownership information, and lists of comparable sales.

Search makes it easy to search property listings, sales information, and voter registration data for the Sunshine State.


Custom Research Services

In addition to providing these public web pages, the staff of can use our spatial analysis and database insight expertise to prepare custom reports for you.

A sample of possible reports include:

  • Sales within a region, timeframe or sale price.
  • Notification mailing lists. Mail-merge ready lists of owners within a specified distance of a property.
  • Permits issued within a region or timeframe, by type of work performed.

We are well versed in Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL RDBMSs, as well as various reporting and business intelligence systems. We also perform custom web and application development. We can assist on project planning and management, development of ETL and maintenance processes, as well as information architecture analysis and planning.

Contact our staff with a detailed request for an estimate.

Privacy Concerns

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Please note: Requesting removal from AreaPlot websites will not remove you from the source public record repositories.

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